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The problem was that they have sold me an expired package of vongole, I called them back and arranged for a replacement with a "good" package. I went at the store 10 mins after the call with the owner to pickup the new package, I was waiting in line and I saw "mine" package being sold to the person in front of me, and when it came my turn they said they were out of vongole ....... I got the money back but still the client service was kinda ****.... Cause if you call me and arrange for a swap of package because the one you sold me was expired, you should at least keep that package away and not for sale, especially if it's your last one at New Year's Eve ( I booked the order the 18-12 to be picked up the 31-12 )....
The fresh vongole was reserved for you, but under your wife's name, because she made the phone call to us.
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